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kingoftheweak's Journal

Sandstone Veterans
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You have found your way to kingoftheweak! I'd just like to welcome you to the very first...the one&only SANDSTONE VETERANS community on livejournal.com.


Important information relating to SANDSTONE VETERANS can be found in the Memories post. CLICK HERE.

:: RULES::

* Any posts non-related to
SANDSTONE VETERANS will be deleted immediately.

* Absolutely no bashing of other members or hating either, this will result into being banned.

* Please keep posts POSITIVE

* When posting big pictures PLEASE use the cut tag, this also applies to many icons being posted as well.

* If you are posting news, please credit your source.

* Above all, please be respectful and have fun. :)


:: LINKS ::

http://www.sandstoneveterans.com [official website]

http://www.svonline.co.uk [Unofficial fansite]

http://svonline.proboards22.com [msg board]

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moderated by Clélia cwmone